Au secours ! Help Nola NOW!

I’m sure you all have seen what’s been happening in New Orleans over the last few days. Yes, it’s grim. Yes, there are people trying to leave that can’t. But there are also amazing people who’re working RIGHT NOW to salvage and aid, and they need your help.

The Redbeans Krewe are at it again! Right now they’re feeding people and putting tarps over roofs. Click here to support them in their Ida Relief.

Redeemer Nola is setting up direct aid to help with clean-up and families in need. Venmo them @redeemer-NOLA and specify in the comments that the money is for IDA RELIEF for it to be channeled directly to families in need.

Culture Aid Nola is raising money. Donate here to give money directly to Hurricane Ida relief. They’re partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank and several others to feed people right now.

The Cajun Navy are a group of complete bosses that go around in boats doing rescue. Basically everyone’s heroes. Click here to help them out.

On a smaller note, I’m organizing a trip back home to help. I’ve already gotten a generator, mini shop-vac, extension cables, and some other sundries but will be hopefully heading out Friday or Saturday. Water bottles, bleach, rubber gloves, gas canisters… the list of things needed is growing. Anyone can tell you that even evacuating ain’t cheap. Think “worst unplanned family vacation.” I know for me personally just getting up to the farm was $319… on what was supposed to be a chill weekend where the kids and I stayed at home and maybe dropped $30 on fancy ice cream. So if you’d like to venmo me @StephKinNola , write Ida in the comments (and anything specific if you’d like) then I can put that money directly into the caravan I’m planning. My specific goals are setting up the generator and creating a hotspot where people can start to file insurance and FEMA claims – especially members of the francophone community that need translation assistance. Gasoline for the generator is going to be an ongoing expense.

Guys, even just a little bit, like $15, can help get food to people, or buy a small tarp (ok but $50 would buy a much better tarp). We just need to get people in a position so they can start the wheels moving.

Merci à tous !!

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