The principal’s voice announced Donald’s death over the same loudspeakers that tracked the hot lunch menu and sporting events. When his breath hitched, the kids – for the better part – understood that they were to remain still or turn their eyes to the small black boxes hanging on the walls. The accusations and evidence came weeks later, in that same matter-of-fact adagio.

Donald Rector was killed in 1997.

This is a film that grazes the lives of teenagers the day they hear the news. A truth lies between the cruel news clippings and watching the kids prepare for a school dance: how death touches adolescents, and what it means for a community to face – or not – the bitterness and forgetfulness inside itself.

Selection: Brooklyn Underground Film Festival (2005), Cinequest Online Festival (2005), UMR Film Series (2005)

preview for Donald – a short film

“At Home” – clip from Donald   (mature themes, discretion advised)

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