ReadersUnbound – a blog from and to people who love the written word, which includes me!

The Bitter Southerner – great stories, essays, and photos from the South. Also cocktail recipes!

The Goat Farm – if you’re ever in ATL on those special Tuesdays, go drop some lines at the Writer’s Exchange.

True Story! – where nervy journalists and rogue writers get to entertain in ATL.

Stuart Bousel runs the San Francisco Olympians festival, where if you’re amazingly lucky you’ll get to see his playwriting and directing. If you’re merely lucky, you’ll get to see the dozens of other plays, all Classically-themed.

Great things to do as a writer or reader in the South include: attending the Tennessee Williams Festival. Just in case you needed (another) excuse to visit New Orleans.

A good resource for any writer: the Virtual Writing University Archive. Famous authors? check. Engrossing talks? oh yeah. Free? come on, come all! Now you don’t have to go all the way to Iowa. Really.


Lembit Beecher – a genius with words, pens, music… ok especially with music! If he’s not gracing a cityscape with his impromptus then he’s probably busy debuting another piece at the Met (yeah, that Met!)

Jimmy Lo – ATL-based poet-extraordinaire, who – aside from being awesome – runs the Free Poetry on Demand

Marco North – man of many talents, the brain behind Bittersweet Editions and this beautiful blog

Peter Kayafas – only one of the greatest photographers working in the street tradition today.

Katherine Bruens – Bay Area-based filmmaker of most recent Corner Store fame. Check out her documentary on Hulu!

Allen Peterson – ATL sculptor who not only makes cool stuff but hosts great backyard shindigs.

Matthew Castor – Portland-based sculptor and artist who can basically bend metal with his mind. You should see what he can do with an arc welder!